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STUDIO SESSION £100 + choice of digital and print package

A styled studio maternity session is shot against both white and dark full-length backgrounds with professional studio flash lighting. We would do a selection of poses both close up and full length in various outfits, with and without your partner.

I have a selection maternity dress you may like to wear in white lace, pink blush and plus a light blue net open-fronted one that really shows your bump! I also have beautiful floral and eucalyptus crowns.

See portfolio images. You can, of course also bring our own outfits.

A studio session requires a £100 non-refundable session fee. After your shoot, the images will be edited and uploaded to a password protected online gallery. Relax and choose a print and digital package from home, to suit your budget.

Studio packages start at £200 for 15 high res digitals and 2 x A4 prints. Other packages with 20 digitals or 40 digitals and A4 prints with framing are also available. Please ask for the price list.

OUTDOOR SESSION £250 including 30 digitals and 2 x A4 prints

Nature lovers may prefer a great value outdoor session in a local park, woodland or nature reserve. I can also bring a maternity dress. Outdoors sessions can work well in every season, just as long as it's not raining!

Location photography sessions are £250 (£50 deposit at booking) and include 30 high-res, retouched digitals and 2 x A4 prints chosen from your digitals. It is of course, possible to rearrange a location session due to bad weather without losing your deposit.


The best time to do a maternity session is when you are 6 to 7 months pregnant, so you clearly have a bump but are not yet too tired to be on your feet for a while.


It is possible to reschedule the studio booking for a new date if 24 hours notice is given, if you were feeling unwell, for example. The deposit is non-refundable.