To secure your studio or home portrait photography session date and time, a £100 booking fee is payable and the booking is then secure and confirmed by email. The booking payment confirms acceptance of my T&Cs. The £100 booking fee is non-refundable but can be used to reschedule your booking, if at least 48 hours' notice is given. If you do need to reschedule your booking please give as much notice as possible. I only take a maximum two sessions per day, to give generous attention to my clients so it seriously impacts my business if you were to cancel at short notice. The balance payment or bundle payment for your set of images is required prior to your receiving the edited, full resolution downloadable images. The proof images with watermark will be presented on your gallery prior to this.

I need to drive for home sessions so that I may bring my lighting equipment and props. Please provide a visitor parking permit where necessary. Any metered parking charges incurred attending a home visit are not included in the price, and will be added to the final balance.


To secure your wedding photography date and time, a £100 booking fee is payable and the booking is then secure and confirmed by email. The booking confirms acceptance of my T&Cs. The £100 booking fee is non-refundable but it can be used for a new date, if the wedding needs to be rescheduled due to Covid restrictions. If you need to reschedule your booking please give as much notice as possible, as it seriously impacts my business if you cancel at short notice. If the wedding is cancelled with no new date arranged, the £100 fee will be forfeited. All wedding photography balance payments are due one week before the ceremony. An invoice can be supplied on request. If I was to fall seriously ill (this has never happened!) and therefore unable to photograph your wedding I would do my utmost to provide you with a new reputable wedding photographer, personally known to me.


For outdoor bookings, I keep a keen eye on the weather forecast and, if it looks dodgy and there is no indoor alternative, a new date will be arranged by mutual consent. Parking charges incurred attending a location shoot are not included in the price (I will try to use public transport where possible in central London). Any necessary admittance charges to locations such as Kew Gardens will also be added to the final balance. An outdoor session more than an hour's drive from my home in Stoke Newington, North London, will be subject to an extra travel charge by mutual agreement.


As the photographer, I will undertake measures to limit your risk of exposure, by wearing a mask, washing my hands and using hand sanitiser, and when we are not in lockdown I will make sure the studio is thoroughly cleaned between clients. But when booking me as your photographer, you acknowledge the photoshoot, at your home, outdoors or in my studio, is at your own risk. As discussed at the time of booking, and upon paying your £100 booking fee, you as the customer agree to voluntarily relinquish/waive the right to sue me for any possible exposure to Covid-19 arising from your photoshoot.


Gift vouchers, minimum £100, are available to buy for family or friends and are good for 12 months from date of purchase.


In paying your booking fee, you grant consent for me, the photographer, to own the copyright and use or display images from your shoot for my self promotion (portfolios, literature, exhibitions, website and social media). Your fee gives you a licence to use the images for your own personal use. Any objections around copyright must be made at the time of booking and will require you to purchase the full copyright buy-out. Apart from my personal promotion, no further use of the images will be made by me for any other commercial reason except with pre arranged specific written permission.

Upon full payment, you will be granted licence to reproduce in print or publish the digital images on social media when tagging me as the author/the photographer but not alter the images in any way using editing software. They are for your personal use only. You are not permitted to enter the photographs into any competitions or to sell them on to third parties such as stock libraries. Any agreed commercial use would be subject to standard market rates and payment in addition to the session costs.

Copyright of all images remains the property of the photographer unless agreed otherwise. Any images or copies of images, stored digitally or otherwise, are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988. It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be copied photographically/electronically or by any other means, an image created by me without prior permission in writing.


The terms of use of this website include a clause that prohibits any use of bots, spiders or other tools to 'scrape' my data.

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