A Natural-style newborn session in my studio in Stoke Newington, North London.

There's always something very special about taking photos of newborns. I recently had the pleasure of photographing a newborn baby girl with her stylish young architect parents from Islington, North London.

The couple wanted a very neutral-toned session in the studio using natural coloured yarns and fabrics, which worked equally well on the white and the black background.

A studio booking can be the best option even if you prefer natural style images. It's much easier to control the lighting and it's not always possible to create a minimalist style at home with a new baby, with their mountain of equipment - especially in London where space is at a premium. You can also enjoy the feeling of being out for a special event, often the first since the birth.

During their photo session, their baby girl was calm and relaxed. Being four weeks old, she slept a little less than a two week old newborn but she was content in their arms. It was a real pleasure to take pictures of her. There was so much love expressed as I photographed her with her parents - lots of hugs, kisses and feelings of love. Seeing and experiencing the bond between a baby and new parents is always very special.